What Will Happen When World Gets 100 Times Faster Mobile Internet?

Our kids are addicted to mobile, internet and social media. We are all addicted. When addiction is commonplace, it becomes new norm!

In just 25 years, humanity is addicted to little gadget in their hands!

So, what will happen when you have 5G? What happens when internet is 100 times faster, lower latency and more reliable?

Experts are predicting 5G use case scenarios in following areas :

1) Cloud VR/ AR - Big impact on Entertainment, Gaming, Travel & Education.

Essentially, with 5g - cloud VR, you will be in remote village of India and you will experience as if you are in Harvard classroom!

You will be remotely present on the cricket field during India - Pakistan world cup final match in the year 2031 in Australia.

2) Driver-less Car: Almost all car companies are making improvements in car so that cars can communicate with other cars, monitor traffic situations and drive itself. Autonomous vehicle will be big application of 5g.

3) Smart Grid: Energy sector will benefit immensely through 5g. Smart load balancing, real time monitoring of energy consumption will significantly boost energy sector efficiency.

4) Health: 5G will enable doctors to consult patients remotely, evaluate condition and even perform surgery.

5) Real-time, panoramic social media: With 5G, we will have new social media that allows friends and family to become part of our experience, events and our reality!

In next 10 years, the speed of change will become faster.

We will move away from *natural* reality to *virtual* reality. Most of our days will be spent looking at little screen in our hand or virtual projected screen in the air!

If history is any indication, very few people will use 5G for creative & productive purpose.

We invite you to take steps in advance to create products, services and solutions that enable creativity, productivity and innovation through 5G speed.

Share some ideas on what will you like to create when you get 100 times faster mobile internet?

Share your own use case scenarios.

Share how you will like to create the future instead of being overwhelmed by the speed and scope of technology.

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