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New Model For Technology & Social Trends

Fasten Your Seatbelts - We are going to take-off. Technology will accelerate the rate of change. Many people get baffled by the dizzying rate of innovation and technology changes. This article introduces two models to understand technology changes and social impact.  First model DTAC provides an effective way to comprehend technology revolution and also project future technology changes. The second model, TOST explains social & business impact. Let us first understand the DTAC model. Imagine that technology change is like a four storied building. Each floor is built on the foundation of the lower floors.  Level-1: Fundamental Driving Forces : At the base of the building, 1st Floor is the Fundamental Driving Forces (FDF) that fuels all technological changes. We will call it Drivers.  There are 3 Drivers currently shaping the technological revolution : 1) Internet Bandwidth 2) Computer Processing Power 3) Storage and Computer Memory Whenever paradigm shattering new breakthroughs are

Travel & Hotel Industry In 2050

World has always changed. But, now the speed of change is increasing. Change will become exponential in coming days.  Key trends in hotel & travel industry are: Automation. Traveler-led Customization Comfort and Security Tell me what trends do you notice in travel and hospitality industry? Give specific examples of new companies, products and solutions that will shape travel industry in coming 30 years. 

Top 10 Trends That Indicates Future Of Travel & Hospitality

I lead team of exceptionally talented individuals in providing valuable solutions to travel & hospitality industry. We provide digital marketing, reputation management and revenue management services to thousands of hotel owners around the world. Here are key trends that will shape travel & hospitality in coming decades. Travel Bureau Similar to Credit Bureau: I am a global traveler.  My travel preferences are as under: I am vegan. I also practice 16/8 intermittent fasting. Every morning I practice Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation. I don't like very soft beds as they are not good for spine. I am allergic to smoking and I need non-smoking room. I like exit row seats. I can take-up discounted business class offer if the cost of upgrade is less than 75 % of the economy class ticket. Every time, I fly or stay at hotel, I need to enter my meal preferences or seat preferences. In coming decade, all airlines & hotels will automatically know my travel/ meal preferences. We might h

What Will Happen When World Gets 100 Times Faster Mobile Internet?

Our kids are addicted to mobile, internet and social media. We are all addicted. When addiction is commonplace, it becomes new norm! In just 25 years, humanity is addicted to little gadget in their hands! So, what will happen when you have 5G? What happens when internet is 100 times faster, lower latency and more reliable? Experts are predicting 5G use case scenarios in following areas : 1) Cloud VR/ AR - Big impact on Entertainment, Gaming, Travel & Education. Essentially, with 5g - cloud VR, you will be in remote village of India and you will experience as if you are in Harvard classroom! You will be remotely present on the cricket field during India - Pakistan world cup final match in the year 2031 in Australia. 2) Driver-less Car: Almost all car companies are making improvements in car so that cars can communicate with other cars, monitor traffic situations and drive itself. Autonomous vehicle will be big application of 5g. 3) Smart Grid: Energy sector will benefit immensely th

World's First 5G Hotel Is Operational. One Million Hotels Will Now Follow The Trend!

World's first 5G hotel has opened in China. This 5G hotel will offer following new services: 1) 5 GHz Wifi Connectivity 2) Innovative 5G hotel applications through 5G smartphones and customer-premises equipment (CPE) terminals. 3) 5G welcome robots. 4) 5G cloud computing terminals. 5) 5G cloud games and 6) 5G cloud virtual reality (VR) rowing machines, VR, Games, Events, Entertainment Options and enhanced communication are key features of 5G connectivity. Almost all the world's hotel will start offering 5G in next 20 years. Between the year 2030 and 2040, most guests will experience innovative technologies and solutions built around 5G. Get ready for 5G!

Digital Wellbeing & Digital Spa

VR can be used for training, personal coaching, skill development and practice. VR training apps can be very useful when you need personal instructor. You can watch instructor's body movement on VR and you can mimic the movement.  This is particularly useful in: 1) Yoga Practice : 2) Dance Training : 3) Learning To Drive : https://vrmotioncorp.c

5G, Cloud VR and Education

5G will make a big impact on various fields and industries. Let us talk about impact on Cloud VR and Education. VR: Virtual reality, or VR, is a technology that lets you figuratively step inside a computer-generated 3D world. You can explore and sometimes even manipulate objects in that world. Imagine virtually stepping inside a video game, where the game world feels as real as the non-game world. Most popular VR content and Apps : Using Google Expeditions Apps, you can visit over 1000 interesting destinations : VR Hardware : Most popular VR hardware are : Oculus Quest. Best VR headset overall. Oculus Rift S. Best VR headset for PC. Playstation VR. The best VR headset for consoles. Oculus Go. A great standalone VR headset for the money. HTC Vive. Best VR headset for immersive experiences. Valve Index. Pansonite 3D VR Glasses. Google Cardboard Already VR is popular. As 5G gains acceptance, cloud VR will grow exponentia

Top 3 Technology Trends For 2030

From 2019 to 2029, we will move from fear of Covid to joy of creation. Technology will take-over repetitive work and we will be left with enormous time & space to create. Welcome To The World where you are free to create. Over the next 10 years, our life will get more secure and more comfortable. Humanity learns important lessons from each crisis. We adjust ourselves. We adapt, we survive and we grow. The story of humanity is the story of survival against all odds. Humanity has successfully faced all challenges — Pandemic, world wars, terrorism, nuclear bomb, dreaded diseases, hunger, famine, injustice, inequality, religious persecution, fears of technology, mass unemployment, etc. etc. We have faced every challenge and made our lives comfortable, safe, and predictable. Very shortly, we will develop vaccine and treatment protocol for Covid-19. We will also create an effective global strategy to deal with future pandemics. Over the next 6–18 months, human civilization and the global

An APP a Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

For a moment, let us just pretend today is 30-April-2030. What tools would you be using to manage your health and beauty? In this article, we will explore the specific impact of technology on our physical health & beauty over the next 10 years. We all want to look good and feel healthy. We also want our family and loved ones to look good and feel healthy. The desire for health and beauty is intrinsic, ancient, and universal.  The global healthcare market is worth $ 12 Trillion and the beauty/cosmetics market is worth close to $ 1 trillion. Health and beauty accounts for approximately 20 % of global GDP (1) After my engineering studies from India's premier institutions, I founded a technology business enterprise 25 years ago. We track technology trends to create new solutions for our 10,000 business customers in over 40 countries. I enjoy studying technology trends a

Congratulations! You Are Imperfect

  Few minutes ago, I typed an article on neuroscience. Please check the link: This is not a perfect article. I am imperfect writer. English is my 5th language. I am not a medical professional. I am not an author in the traditional sense of the word. I don't have any qualifications to write this article. I have studied neuroscience as I want to understand my brain. I shared my understanding of the brain through this article. If you are native English speaker, established author or medical professional, you can find many imperfections in my article. My imperfections are my strength. No one knows how I write these articles. I work, I read, I study and somehow I feel inspired to type some new words. How does my 1300 Gram Brain create new sentences, new ideas and concepts? I don't know. In fact, no one knows. Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) write exactly as I write? Not possible. AI can probably wri

Stay Healthy Forever - Use Intermittent Fasting

All of us receive very valuable advice & preaching on how to be healthy. This type of outside knowledge fails to have any long-term impact on us. We develop healthy or unhealthy habits at an early age. These habits define who we are. There are many memories associated with these habits. Now, habits control us. We are mostly guided on auto-pilot by our set, ingrained, familiar habits. Our habits are deeply intertwined with people & environment around us. This post is to encourage everyone to try intermittent fasting. At first it may look counter-intuitive and against our set habit. But it is worth trying. Since last 3 years or so, I am intermittently practicing intermittent fasting, vegan and gluten-free diet! I have not followed it strictly. At times, I break the diet regime. Intermittent 16/8 fasting involves fasting for 16 hours in a day and eating during the window of 8 hours. When I practice intermittent fasting, I experience great deal of energy, vitality, productivity and

English Is My 5th Language. I Am Not An Expert On English Grammar. If I Can Write & Share, You Can Also Do It!

We stop expressing ourselves because we feel we may make mistake. Written words have shaped human civilization. Many of us are reluctant to write. I am writing this article to inspire you to write and share. You can participate in this uniquely human experience of reading and writing with little bit of courage & fun. My writing is not perfect. Very soon, AI-software will be able to write better articles than most of us. In the world, where AI will make everything perfect, human beings will retain the ability to create imperfect things. We can celebrate our imperfections as the test of humanity. I was born in Damnagar. Damnagar is a small village in Amreli district in Gujarat - a western state of India. Gujarati is my mother tongue. Gujarati is the first language I learned. I learned Gujarati because everyone in my family was speaking in Gujarati when I grew up. I grew up in Mumbai - a mega metropolitan city in Maharashtra. I naturally learnt Hindi. Many of friends spoke in Hindi. M

You Are Awesome - Really !

Your experience of life, actions and results will change if Neurochemicals in your brain changes. If you maintain adequate level of Oxytocin, Serotonin and Dopamine, you are likely to be happy, loving and productive. There are two primary ways to create optimal level of Neurochemicals in your brain : 1) Through medicine. 2) Through words. Take for example - 4 words I have written in the title of this article - You, Are, Awesome, Really. These simple four words when organized & written in correct order, can alter your brain chemistry! Read the statement once again - You Are Awesome - Really !! Notice the impact and experience. You may have following reaction: 1) No reaction - You are mechanically reading this article without engaging with it. You are trying to reach to the end of the article. 2) Ignore - You have ignored the message. You concluded that this is just a cliche. It is a habitual, non-sense without any meaning or purpose. You don't give any importance to this statem

Life Is Bigger Than Work & Money - Master 3 Fs and 3 Ss

Most of us identify with our roles and money. We know ourselves by our titles - CEO, VP, General Manager, Director etc. We judge our worth by money we have and money we earn as compared to others. As we have erroneously equated life with money and title, we get threatened when our work, title and money are threatened! Let us look at 6 important areas in your life that are essential for peaceful and happy life. 1st three areas are extremely critical and last three areas are required for inspiring and happy life. 1) Fitness : Fitness includes health, well-being and energy. Health is the biggest wealth. Do you actually treasure, value and celebrate your health? We keep count of money. Have you kept count of days when you felt absolutely fit, healthy and energetic? Law requires us to maintain our financial statements. We carefully record our income, expenses and asset statements. Have you ever maintained Health Statement? Like financial statement, health statement will be overall statement

Friday, 1-Jan-2021

Today is Friday, 20-March-2020. After 286 days, we will reach Friday, 1-Jan-2021. What is the condition of the world right now? What are the major news headlines? Today, world is united. Entire world has one common enemy - Coronavirus. All nations, all religions, all races have become one to defeat this common enemy. Major cities of the world are under lock-down. Everyone is advised to self-isolate. Stock markets, company valuations and financial performance is collapsing. Stay-at home orders and self-isolation will have cascading effect on global economy. Some of the immediate effects are: 1) Hotels, Airlines, Amusement Park: Global travel is severely affected. In next two-to-six months will see considerable downtrend in travel, hotels, airlines, movies, theme park business. 2) Retail, Restaurant, Jewelry, Live Shows, Events, Luxury and Casual Shopping: Because of lock-down and stay-at-home orders all these industries will see significant downtrend. 3) Auto, Finance, Banking, Insuranc

Phases of Pandemic

Coronavirus Covid-19 is new. But pandemics are not new. World has seen and dealt with many pandemics.  As per Wikipedia, there are approximately 240 recorded epidemics/pandemics in human history. Since the year 2000, 67 Epidemics/pandemics have been reported. Ebola, SARS, Zika Virus, MERS and several other epidemics impacted multiple countries. In the last 20 years, approximately 700,000 people have died because of this unexpected epidemics/pandemics. Based on the progression pattern of every major epidemic, World Health Organization (WHO) has created a pandemic progression plan with six major phases. As WHO, 6-phases of disease progression are: Phase - 1) No impact of virus noticed on animals or humans. Phase - 2) Virus is circulating in domestic or wild animals Phase - 3) Virus has impacted some people - No human-to-human transmission re

Managing Fear In Times Of Pandemic

Authorities need to manage three major issues in pandemic: 1) Medical Issues : Actual containment, treatment and prevention of pandemic.  2) Communication : Explain the pandemic to the general public without causing fear and chaos. 3) Restore Order : Once pandemic has passed, restore public confidence and business confidence. There have been 67 declared diseases outbreak in the last 20 years. In 2009, Swine Flu - H1N1 disease outbreak was declared as a pandemic that killed approximately 600,000 people.Other 66 disease outbreaks filled close to 100,000 people.   We have not yet developed effective strategy and system to communicate about disease outbreak. It is important to communicate facts and provide responsible updates that will ease people's anxieties. Dr. Nidal Moukaddam, MD, PhD wrote in Psychiatric Times on November 15, 2019 : “In most of the previous pandemic, fear and anxiety overtook the factual narrative of the p

One Person Can Change The World

Paradigm is a model of reality that we consider as Truth. There are two possible paradigm to view your existence. Each paradigm creates new set of actions, new experiences and new results. Paradigm # 1 : You Are Your Body. This is a familiar, social accepted paradigm. Everyone knows it. It is practical, immediately accessible, intuitive and experienced here and now. Most of the time, we consider ourselves independent, separate and disconnected entity. We consider it a matter of pride that we are not dependent on anyone. We insulate ourselves from other people. One's ability to live in self-created bubble is considered as a measure of success. We like to think that we can remain aloof, disconnected and live life as we want. Our shared social reality informs us that physical location and physical parameters of our body is the size & scope of our existence. Everyone thinks, acts and behaves under this fundamental assumption: You Are Your Body. Early on, society programs us to beli