Digital Wellbeing & Digital Spa

VR can be used for training, personal coaching, skill development and practice.

VR training apps can be very useful when you need personal instructor. You can watch instructor's body movement on VR and you can mimic the movement. 

This is particularly useful in:

1) Yoga Practice :

2) Dance Training :

3) Learning To Drive :

4) Massage Experience & Training :

5) Any training that requires movement of body :

At this point, developers develop VR content and user needs to download it or view it offline.

With 5G connectivity, users will be able to participate in VR experience through real time connection.

As per Citibank's VR/AR report, VR/AR market will be worth of $ 2 trillion by 2035.

VR headsets sales is set to explode in coming years. From current sales of around 7 million units, VR/AR sales may go over 30 million units in 2023!

Get set for expanding VR revolution that will be further accelerated by 5G.

How will you like to use VR? What skills will you like to learn?


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