Top 10 Trends That Indicates Future Of Travel & Hospitality

I lead team of exceptionally talented individuals in providing valuable solutions to travel & hospitality industry. We provide digital marketing, reputation management and revenue management services to thousands of hotel owners around the world. Here are key trends that will shape travel & hospitality in coming decades.

Travel Bureau Similar to Credit Bureau:

I am a global traveler. 

My travel preferences are as under:

I am vegan. I also practice 16/8 intermittent fasting. Every morning I practice Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation. I don't like very soft beds as they are not good for spine. I am allergic to smoking and I need non-smoking room. I like exit row seats. I can take-up discounted business class offer if the cost of upgrade is less than 75 % of the economy class ticket.

Every time, I fly or stay at hotel, I need to enter my meal preferences or seat preferences.

In coming decade, all airlines & hotels will automatically know my travel/ meal preferences. We might have one single travel profile similarly to financial profile maintained by credit bureau. We might have a global travel bureau that stores/updates travel preferences.

Amazon is able to recommend books based on my previous purchase. Google is able to recommend Video and Search terms based on my browsing history and pattern. Similarly, travel bureau or travel AI app will give personalized travel recommendations.

One ATM. One Travel App:

Banks share ATM terminals. Similarly, travel companies might collaborate to create one single app. This app will be shared by everyone. This will make it easier for guests to book, track and update travel plans.

Smart Check-In:

Guests will be able to use smart check-in and check-out using their mobile phones. Hotel reception desk might become irrelevant.

Robotic House Keeping:

Robot House Keepers will become common place. Guests will find it easier to order and receive room service.

Personalized Entertainment - Entertainment Bureau:

I like comedy movies. I enjoy watching science documentaries. In future, entertainment preferences will be centralized. Your hotel room TV will show you options related to your personal preference. Your airline seats will show you entertainment options based on your preferences.

Friends Recommendation:

You will receive friends recommendation based on your location & interests. You will always know whether there are people around you that share your interests and values. You will be instantly connected to people of your choice in different cities, at airport or at hotel lobby.

Smart Feedback & Smart Environment:

Currently, hotel owners take guest feedback at the end of the stay. In coming years, feedback will be taken at every point - check-in, lobby, breakfast, hotel room, amenities, swimming pool, check-out. There will be smart kiosk or tablets hanging everywhere to take feedback. Entire environment will be alive, responsive and smart. It will take feedback and adjust itself as per guest's needs and preferences.

Smart CCTV - Capture Facial Expressions & Service Experience:

Every company wants to know your feedback. In fact, everyone wants to know your feedback and design products/services based on your feedback. For example, I want to know how did you find this article. Are you find it interesting and valuable? Usually, out of 1000 people will read this article (and probably enjoy it), 3 % will give feedback!

97 % people will not give any feedback even if it is asked for!!

In future, you cannot escape. Smart CCTV camera will capture your facial expressions and record your feedback!! When you are checking-out, hotel CCTV camera will capture your facial expressions and record whether you had a good stay.

If you are reading this article on mobile, there will be soon a feature to record your facial expressions while you are reading. So, I will know exactly when you smiled! For example, if you smiled while reading this sentence, I would know it. Authors, AI Software and content creators will know which words, sentences, dialogues, movie scenes, tunes, song lyrics or pictures create an expression of joy, sadness, fear etc. This smart feedback will help companies to focus on creating content that creates/invokes desired experience.

Focus On Health, Fitness and Well-Being:

Future travelers will demand detailed information on health impact of staying in hotel or flying by specific airline. Guests will like to know about ingredients used in food, hygienic, cleanliness and safety of water they consume. Travel companies will be required to alert guests about health impact of every aspect.

Long lasting results - Value For Money & Value For Time:

Travel companies will become increasingly aware that travelers not only give them money, they also give their time. An airline company will become aware that guests are spending their valuable time on the flight. Airlines will create systems and processes to ensure guests receive value for the time they spend on check-in process, waiting, inside the flight. Airlines will give real-time, accurate estimate of time required for each process and give guests options to create value for their time.

I trust you like this article. Start creating ideas that can help you develop products and services to fulfill emerging guest needs!

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