World's First 5G Hotel Is Operational. One Million Hotels Will Now Follow The Trend!

World's first 5G hotel has opened in China. This 5G hotel will offer following new services:

1) 5 GHz Wifi Connectivity

2) Innovative 5G hotel applications through 5G smartphones and customer-premises equipment (CPE) terminals.

3) 5G welcome robots.

4) 5G cloud computing terminals.

5) 5G cloud games and

6) 5G cloud virtual reality (VR) rowing machines,

VR, Games, Events, Entertainment Options and enhanced communication are key features of 5G connectivity.

Almost all the world's hotel will start offering 5G in next 20 years.

Between the year 2030 and 2040, most guests will experience innovative technologies and solutions built around 5G.

Get ready for 5G!


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